Frank’s Box

Frank’s Box

By Walter Hutsky


Frank’s Box, The Spirit Box, Mini Box, The Telephone to the Dead and The Ghost Box are all names for an electronic device that is causing a lot of controversy in the paranormal field. The device is a type of radio scanner used for Instrumental Transdimensional Communication (ITC). ITC is the term referring to spirit communication through the use of electronic equipment, such as TVs, radios and computers.

The idea for the device was first conceived by a gentleman named Frank Sumption, in 2002. He is an EVP and radio enthusiast who claims EVP spirit communication from deceased scientists actually helped him build what is now known as Frank’s Box, which allegedly allows instant two-way radio communication with the spirit world.

In theory, the device works by continuously scanning (sweeping) radio waves in the AM frequency band to create at type of white noise in which spirits can select random words from radio broadcasts to communicate. Another version of the device uses a random voltage generator to scan random frequencies. It is said that spirits may have the ability to stop the radio scanning on certain words or phrases being broadcast in order to communicate.

Believers in Frank’s Box are said to be able to hold real time two-way conversations with spirits or even eavesdrop into spirit conversations from another dimension. Frank Sumption is even claiming that spirits are capable of creating images by manipulation audio spectrographs in popular audio editing programs.

A popular demonstrator of the Frank’s Box is Chris Moon, who is a paranormal investigator and owner of Haunted Times Magazine. Frank’s Box was even featured on an episode of A&E’s Paranormal State which featured Chris Moon.

Critics say that the device produces nothing more than auditory pareidolia. In other words, people hear what they want to perceive as words or phrases in their head, when in fact nothing really exists. In order for the device to work as it does in theory, a spirit would need to be able to manipulate the Legend holds that famous inventor Thomas Edition was secretly worked on creating a device to communicate to the dead.

Does Franks Box really work? Is using the device considered a type of electronic Ouija board? What exactly are people hearing from the devices? How does the device really work? So many questions need to be tested and answered.

SPLAT has begun experimenting with the spirit box concept and has actually built a device that is similar to Frank’s Box using what is known as the “Radio Shack Hack” method (as pictured above). It involves modifying a simple RadioShack AM/FM radio to continuously scan the airwaves and it works in a very similar fashion to that of the original Frank’s Box.

Even if you don’t believe in the Frank’s Box, I still feel it is an exciting concept that is worth exploring and testing. We will be sure to post any updates or findings on our website concerning our experimentation with Frank’s Box.
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