Investigation 02-1: Crum Cemetery

Crum cemetery is located off of Crum Road in Shade Township Somerset County near the Windber, PA.  Not much is known of the cemetery and finding detailed historical records of it and the surrounding area have been hard to come by.  What is known is that it was part of a thriving village of the same name that for whatever reason was abandoned.

Tombstone inscriptions date the origin of the cemetery back to the mid to late 1800s. I’ve heard stories that the village of Crum was a lumber community and when the owner of the main lumber mill left the village was abandoned. 

The cemetery seems to be a very popular location for paranormal seekers, teenagers looking to scare each other or throw parties and even occult activity.  I think the reason for its popularity has to do with its remote and secluded location and has the general rundown look to the place.

I think most stories of the place being haunted are untrue or just fabricated legends.  An area nicknamed as the “Dead Zone” is located near the cemetery and it mainly involves an abandoned house.  Legend has it that a man who was involved in cultic activity murdered his entire family there.  The house is completely dilapidated, on private property and should be avoided.  No evidence of there being a mass killing can be found and it probably just a story.

Another story that I’ve heard was about a Rebecca Crum.  It is said she was involved in witchcraft and was subsequently hung after villagers found out what she did.  Her spirit is said to haunt the cemetery.  This story sounds awfully familiar to the Becky’s Grave story, which is another popular local legend.  More about Becky’s Grave can be found here.

A brief daylight walkthrough of the cemetery by the SPLAT team yielded some very interesting photos.  As you can see from the images below there is what appears to be ecto mist appearing in some the photographs that were taken with a 35mm camera.

We are very careful when we take photos and we made note that the day was very dry, low in humidity and no dust or smoke was in the air at the time.  We aren’t sure what to think of the photos because only a few of the 35mm pictures contained these anomalies and none of our other cameras or equipment detected anything unusual.  Could this be visual proof the Crum is indeed haunted?  More research will need to be conducted at this location to try and uncover more evidence.

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