Investigation H4-1



Background Information
We received phone call Thursday, November 8th from a couple in Johnstown named Bentley and Cindy. They described to us some very amazing and freighting things taking place in their home, so we quickly conducted our initial interview the next day at 7:30PM. It sounded to us that some of the events taking place were that of possible demonic nature.

During our interview we were told they have lived the home a little over one year. Cindy has a 15 year old daughter named Sarah living at home, but she was not with us for the interview and was at a friend’s house. Cindy also has a son who no longer lives at home and said said the paranormal activity was a factor in him leaving.

They have a few pets living with them, including two small dogs and three cats. The animals play an important part in this investigation.

Both Bentley and Cindy attest to witnessing much of the same phenomena and even sketched us some pictures of what they encountered. They tried video recording some of the activity prior to contacting us and even gave us the video to review. Unfortunately the video contained no evidence.

Not much was known about the home’s history except for that the previous owners had a 26 year old son die in car crash.

Cindy lived in Germany a few years and she experienced a lot of paranormal activity to the point of calling in a priest to do a blessing of her house.

Bentley lived in Florida for a while and has only ever seen orbs in his previous location. He says he is very skeptical and just wants help to get rid of the disturbances taking place. He is an ASC certified mechanic and holds IBM certifications.

It is worth mentioning that Cindy is a Baptist, but Bentley is undecided on this faith. They turned to Wicca in a desperate attempt to try and rid the house of disturbances, but that only seemed to make things worse. They were also using Wicca to try and predict lottery numbers.

If anything comes from this case it is never to dabble in things you don’t understand because it could be very dangerous. We feel Cindy and Bentley may have gotten themselves into more trouble by attempting these things.
Claims (By Location):
Daughter’s Bedroom
-The mattress and sheets keep getting pulled off of the daughter’s (Sarah’s) bed when no one is around.

-Lights were seen flickering on and off in bedroom by both Bentley and Cindy. Note: The light switch is on the outside of the room.

-The computer chair was seen tipped over by itself.

-Most of the activity in that room occurred when Cindy’s son was living there.

-Sarah’s cell phone started to burn up while in her possession. Bentley took the phone and placed it in his pocket. The phone caused his outer pants to burn and produced a visible flame. He quickly took the battery out and put the phone back in his pocket. He went upstairs with the phone and it started to burn again, only this time it actually burned a hole in his pants pocket.

Note: The burn mark was in a rectangular pattern that fit the shape of the display screen. This happened 45 minutes later after the first phone incident when the battery got hot. He took the phone and threw it over hill next to his house because he wanted to get rid of it. The phone was later recovered upon our request.

-The screen was melted on the phone but the keypad and battery backing seemed fine.

-We researched the phone and contacted Sony Ericsson to found out no recall was in place on it and nothing like that has ever been reported happening before with a phone of that model.

Cindy’s & Bentley’s Room (Master Bedroom):
-Scratches to forearm of Cindy caused by an unknown origin were reported by Cindy while sleeping at night in her bedroom. She claims the animals in the house could not have caused them because she sleeps down against her arm in bed. Visible scratches were seen on her right forearm while we were there.

-A white ball of light was seen entering the bedroom from the room atop the porch and exiting through the attic door.

-The room contains multiple rosaries and crucifixes that Cindy was using to try and keep the spirits away.

-Bentley was burned on top of his wrist during a Wiccan ritual involving a pendulum.

-A wooden wand used in the Wiccan rituals burned up on an altar they had setup. Strangely enough it did not cause the underlying cloth to burn at all and did not set off the smoke alarm.

-They have photographed what they believe are orbs in the attic.

-The crawl space door mysteriously opens by itself. It was said more activity seems to occur in house when it is open.

-Guitars owned by Bentley are sometimes heard playing by themselves.

-A can of paint disappeared from Bentley’s hand while he was painting his motorcycle.

-Bentley’s cat Dusty was seen taken through a wall by an apparition calling itself George from the North. It returned the cat 15-20 minutes later while Bentley watched.

-The apparition appears to be from the Civil War era based off clothing descriptions. Has 5 or 6 buttons on his jacket and gold stars indicating some type of military badge or ranking. He also carries a musket and wears a square bi fold or tri fold style hat.

-Bentley told the apparition to leave and he was not welcomed back. The apparition has not been seen for a few months since.

-He has unsuccessfully tried looking up information about the apparition in the library.

-An apparition resembling a pirate was seen by Bentley.

-The pirate apparition seems quiet and lost and does not speak.

-Tools in the basement have been strangely thrown about.

-Bentley’s motorcycle light has been damaged by what he thinks is spirit activity.

Misc. Locations:
-Silverware melts in Bentley’s hands ever so often.

-A cigarette disappeared from Cindy’s hand on time.

-Objects disappear and reappear throughout the house at random.

-A black fuzzy or smoke like blob has been seen throughout the house.

-A white wavy apparition with a coat and arms was also seen throughout house.

Note: Cindy drew a picture for us to help describe it.

-The house door bell will ring by itself at various hours of the night.

-A young boy spirit is seen throughout the house.

-A 19 or 20 year old man spirit is seen throughout the house.

Living Room:
-The George from the North apparition was seen in the living room by Bentley.

Downstairs Bathroom:
-A solid human like apparition of a black man was seen both Cindy and Bentley that appears to be very mean and does not speak.

-Bentley says it can be touched, but it can still pass through solid objects.

-It slammed him into the bathroom wall when it came through the wall and attacked him. He said it caused him to feel awful, morbid and that he wanted to hurt himself or someone else.

-He thinks it passed through him when he was retrieving his cat from an abandoned home nearby. He said he had the same feeling he did when it passed through him before, but it was dark and he was in the house’s staircase and couldn’t’t see anyone. He said he was almost not able to get his cat back.

-Pots and pans are sometimes thrown about during night.
-A skeleton like ghost hand was seen coming out of basement door by Cindy. One of her cats scratching at the door made her take notice of it.

Our team arrived at the house around 7:30PM on November, 19th. The homeowners were preparing to take all of their animals out of the house for a while to give us to time to conduct our investigation without any interference from them. Jamie, Tony and our new member Jen waited outside until Jason and Walter went in to discuss details of the investigations with the homeowners.

We were conducting a blind experiment where only Jason and Walter knew all the details of the case, while everyone else was left in the dark. This was done as to not front load everyone with knowledge and to see what and if the others came up with anything unknowingly.

During our interview a week prior, we gave the clients log sheets to note all strange occurrences. They filled out the sheet, making note of all that happened that week. It seemed nothing extremely unusual occurred except for the fact their new cat kept disappearing on them. It was gone the night we arrived and they said there was no obvious way it could have gotten out by itself. Later on that night Tony said that he thought he saw the cat outside based off the description given to us.

Before the homeowners left, Bentley showed us a bent fork that he said melted in his hand while eating. He and Cindy tell us this happens every so often. They also informed us they had a local Catholic priest stop by to bless the house and that things have seemed quiet ever since.

The homeowners then departed leaving us alone in the house. The first thing we did was take baseline readings of all the rooms. This included measuring the ambient temperatures, EMF fields, taking controlled photographs and scanning the rooms for stationary static fields using a florescent light. A florescent light will light up when it comes in contact with a static field. It is said spirit activity, specifically residual hauntings, cause stationary static fields.

We swept the downstairs area including the kitchen, bathroom, washroom and living room then headed upstairs to check out the daughter’s room, master bedroom, the upstairs bathroom and finally the attic. Nothing unusual was detected upon the initial sweep of the house. Jason, Tony and Walter then headed outside to examine the exterior of the home and to gather readings in the basement.

Upon completion of the walk through of the house we decided that stationary monitoring equipment should be set up in the attic and in the bathroom. It seemed these areas were full of reported activity and might contain our best chances at gathering evidence.

Jamie and Walter headed up to the attic to set up Walter’s Sony camera, Sony DV recorder and PIR motion sensor. The Passive Infrared motion sensor is a great tool that serves two purposes. It secures an area from those who might tamper with equipment and it is also used to possibly detect spirit activity if something happens to move in front of it.

Meanwhile downstairs, Jason, Tony and Jen set up Tony’s Canon camera and another PIR motion sensor in the bathroom. After everyone was back together and the stationary equipment was in place, we shut off all the lights in the house and proceeded to do EVP sweeps. Jay had a new piece of equipment that allowed him to listen to his audio recorder as it was recording. This could prove very helpful when searching for EVPs on the fly.

Jay asked questions as we went about the house, but nothing was detected. It was decided that Walter and Jamie would monitor the attic for a while and the others would go downstairs in the living room. This was done so we could cover more of the house at the same time. Soon after, the homeowners arrived and we had to wrap up most of our investigation.

When everyone was in the kitchen talking, it was discovered that Tony’s digital audio recorded picked up what sounds like a young girl’s voice saying something about being ready. We feel this is a legitimate Class A or B EVP because it is in response to our actions of getting ready to continue with the investigation and can almost be completely understood without much effort. Click below to listen.

We had an idea that maybe Bentley and Cindy could get results for our investigation so we conducted an EVP monitoring session with them in the living room and had them ask questions. Jason later discovered intelligent knockings of some sort could be heard on his audio recorder in response to questions being asked. Click below to listen.

EVP Small Child Talking (Voice Only)

Bentley then went with us into the master bedroom and the attic to do some more EVPs sweeps. While in the master bedroom it was thought that something tugged on both Jay’s then Bentley’s shirt, but it wasn’t caught on video and wasn’t conclusive.

Our Conclusion

A week later we got in contact with Bentley and Cindy for the follow-up. They reported to us that all activity has stopped. We aren’t’t sure why this is but we believe it has something to do with the house being blessed or even because of our investigation. The important thing is that they are no longer being tormented and we hope it stays that way.
Our Take:


When Cindy called me and reported claims of all the activity that had been taking place, I was just completely blow away. Bentley’s stories just added to my eagerness to get there, do the investigation and get to the bottom of this.

I never before heard of so much paranormal phenomenon happening in one location like this. Honestly I was worried it might be of a demonic nature and questioned our ability to handle the situation.

I was very let down by the fact we weren’t able to catch anything on film while we were there. I’m hoping our explanations and theories into what is happening bring them some sense of understand and comfort.


Where should I start? This case was an interesting one and we had the opportunity to try some new things. One thing that we wanted to try was to take a fluorescent light and search for static electromagnetic fields in the air. The theory behind it is that electromagnetic fields build up in a residual type haunting and when you wave the light in an area of built up static EMF, the fluorescent light illuminates.

Unfortunately, I don’t believe that the type of haunting we were dealing with was residual and we were unable to find anything with the light. In fact, it seemed to be intelligent. We had some tapping responses to our questions and caught some really cool EVP’s and vp’s.

The growling was interesting as well…… Most of the reports seemed to be negative, but I came away from this investigation feeling very positive. The team worked very well together and we were able to document some interesting paranormal evidence from this house.


Taking on any investigation, one of the first things to cross my mind is usually, “Is the client telling the truth?” Now, I’m in no way saying that the individuals involved in the case being discussed here were lying. However, the claims they had were incredible. A phone catching fire, a pirate ghost, the ghost of a black man, vanishing cats… just to name a few. Now assuming that these claims were true, it would indicate a very terrible situation for any family, a situation that would very possibly require a house cleansing or blessing. Now here’s the catch…the house was blessed, by a Catholic priest. The priest came to the client’s house the day before our scheduled investigation. He blessed the entire house and then left. The next day, we conducted our investigation to the best we could with the conditions we were given. The home owners were gracious enough to take all of the cats and dogs out of the house and keep them in their car for a few hours so we could do our thing. But, the animals started to act up on them and they had to return home after only about an hour or so. The time was appreciated, but we weren’t’t able to follow through with a complete run of the house. We later decided to do some EVP sweeps with them in the home just to see what we would get. This seemed to be a good idea. While we conducted the EVP session, some of us heard “knock” responses to the questions I was asking aloud. Some of those responses are on our investigation page, so I won’t bother going over them. While in this home, we also caught VP’s of a growling sound, footsteps in the kitchen when nobody was in that room and a little girl that says “Are you ready?” So, all in all, even with all of the setbacks, our team was able to collect some intriguing items of evidence. Now after reviewing all that was collected, the team and I would have loved to go back into the home for a second run through and try to isolate some of the occurrences…to see if we could find more about them. However, it was requested by the homeowner for us to not do another investigation because the reported events had stopped. So that leaves us wondering, was it the house blessing or was it our investigation. I guess it doesn’t’t matter. They are at ease now and that is what is most important. As for the evidence we collected…the homeowner never reported to us the presence of a little girl. So where did the voice of a little girl come from, I guess we’ll never know. The knock responses, I’d love to have followed up with that to ask more concrete questions, but that’s not going to happen. The growls, that is something the homeowner reported happening to them, so that made for a good match. And the footsteps in the kitchen, they occurred in the same location the homeowner reported being attacked by the ghost of a black man with heavy work boots, so that too makes a match. So my conclusion after this investigation? Well, it’s a tough call to make. I would have to say I think there was indeed a presence in the home, but as for how it was incorporated into the situation, we’ll never know unless we someday are allowed back into that home.

Investigation Notes

Solar X-rays: Normal
Geomagnetic Field: Quiet

Investigators Present: Jason Thornton, Jamie Muscatello, Walter Hutsky, Tony Muscatello, Jennifer Ray

Equipment Used: Extech Infrared IR301 Stem Thermometer, Cell Senor EMF Meter, Sixel Axis Digital AC Gaussmeter/Teslameter, Dowsing Rods, Fluke LVD-1 Volt Light, Sony Cybershot 7.2 Megapixel Camera, Samsung Maxima Zoom 90 GL 35mm Camera, Nikon CoolPix 4800, Canon Elura 60, Sony Handycam DCR-HC28 MiniDV Handycam Camcorder, 2x Sony DCR HC-38 MiniDV Handycam Camcorder, Olympus DS-2, Olympus WS300M Digital Voice Recorder, Sony ICD-P210, 2x Remote Controlled P.I.R. Alarm, Energizer 6 LED Headlamps, GE 3540 14 Channel Transceiver, Midland GXT600 Transceivers, HP Pavillion DV6000t, Infrared LED Flashlights


Personal Experiences: 1

Jay felt his shirt being possibly tugged on by an unknown force.

Please click on the images below to view data collected from various categories.

Nikon CoolPix 4800:

7 images/no evidence

Sony Cybershot 7.2 Megapixel Camera:

87 images/no evidence

Samsung Maxima Zoom 90 GL 35mm:

31 images/no evidence

Olympus WS300M:

EVP of Small Child Talking

EVP Small Child Talking (Voice Only)

EVP of Small Child Taling (Isolated Right Audio Channel)

Footstep in Kitchen

Olympus DS-2:

Drop Response at :21s & Shirt Pull

Drop Response at :13s


Audio Evidence

Homeowner asking questions.

Jay asking questions.

Possible EVP of girls voice.

Photographic Evidence

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