Paranormal Weather

Paranormal Weather

By Walter Hutsky

Moon phases, geomagnetic storms and solar flare activity are types of cosmic phenomenon that people and other paranormal research group claim affect the amount of paranormal activity at any given time.

SPLAT member are sure to take careful observances of these conditions and make note of them on investigations in order to try and prove or disprove this claim.  There are many website that show various moon phases, solar radiation and geomagnetic storm readings, but few actually explain what they mean.  Below are explanations of what you will typically see on paranormal research group pages and what they mean.

Moon Phases (Lunar Phases): 



A moon phase is the illuminated part of the Moon that is seen from Earth at night.  The Moon is always at least half illuminated by the Sun, but since the Moon orbits around the Earth, we see it at different illuminated positions, which cause the phases.

When the Sun and Moon are aligned on the same side of the Earth, the Moon is “referred to as a “New” Moon and it is not illuminated by the Sun. The Moon will then slowly illuminate more of the coming days which is called “Waxing”.  The lunar phases cycle from new moon, crescent moon, first-quarter moon, waxing gibbous moon and full moon phases, then cycle through from waning gibbous moon, third-quarter moon, crescent moon to and a new moon phase.

The moon has various affects on the Earth.  It causes the tides to rise and fall by the pull of it gravitational force, and it has an effect know as “moon madness”, which is described as when people and animals tend to behave very strangely and aggressively during full moons.  There’s not much evidence between full moons and the behavior of humans but a few studies indicate that animals do become more violent during full moons.   It’s also interesting to point out the word “lunatic” comes from someone activating crazy during a full moon.

Ghostly activity is thought to be affected by the Moon due to unknown means.  It could be because of the gravitational pull having an affect on spirits.  The moon disrupts the Earth magnetic field which may allow spirits to use energy from the Moon to manifest themselves.

Solar X-Rays:


Solar X-Rays are produced when violent explosions occur on the sun that release electromagnetic radiation such as X-rays and UV radiation into space.  This radiation makes its way to Earths atmosphere causing disruptions to electronic devices and radio communications.

This X-Ray energy that affects Earths electromagnetic field and spirits may be able to use this energy manifest themselves much like the theory of “cold spots” when they use surrounding heat to manifest themselves.


Geomagnetic Storm


A geomagnetic storm is a disruption of the Earths geomagnetic field caused by solar wind from the Sun.  This solar wind consists of charge particles of plasma (ionized gas) that is emitted from the sun during solar flares or various Sun events.  This disruption of the Earths magnetic field may cause an increase in ghost sightings.  Many paranormal research groups use EMF meters, which measure the surround electromagnetic frequency of an area, for disturbances caused by spirits.  If spirits can disturb the electromagnetic field of an area then there may be a connection between geomagnetic storms and spirit activity.


General Weather:

Weather plays a very important role in ghost hunting.  Observances of temperature, wind and humidity can all aid in helping to determine what is credible evidence collected during and investigation.

A very cold day or night may produce a lot of breath appearing on photos which can be mistaken for a spirit, or a very humid day maybe produce false “orbs” in photos taken with the flash on.  It’s important to note the weather to assist you in your investigations.

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