Wilmore Dam Appiration

Wilmore Dam Apparition

By Walter Hutsky

For years now my friends and I have been going out to Wilmore Dam fishing, especially night fishing for catfish.  We all enjoy doing this.  Another thing we enjoy doing is hearing stories of possible hauntings or residual entities.  Well, over the time we have been going out to Wilmore Dam, I kept hearing the story of a “White Lady” that is supposedly seen on the road to the dam.  Personally, I get sick and tired of hearing of all of the “White Ladies” around the world (and I’m saying “white ladies” in a mockingly “wooing” sound).  I think every street corner in America has a story of a white lady.  Why is that?  Because every street corner and road in America eventually at some time has a coating of fog, snow, or steam around it.  These “mists”, on a dark and dreary night, cause people’s minds to wander and create.  And before long…the mind is seeing a woman in a long white flowing gown slowly walking across the road weeping for her boyfriend who never arrives.

Wilmore Dam isn’t free from its stories either, and I’m in no way saying that it is true, or that our SPLAT team has captured evidence from the location.  However, the one story I keep hearing of from up at the dam is an interesting one.  I keep hearing the story of a boyfriend and girlfriend back in the time of the horse and buggies.  It is said that one night about sunset, the couple was out at the dam just enjoying the sunset over the water and the company of each other when another neighbor bully rode up next to them and started to taunt them.  He angered the boyfriend and he took off in the buggy after him and down the bumpy dirt road leading out to Route 160.  The road back then was just as bumpy as it still is today, and so when he came to the entrance into the dam road, his buggy wheel hit a deep rut and ejected his girlfriend from her seat.  The girl flew out of the buggy and into the stream cracking her head on the stones in the stream.  She is said to have died instantly.  Today, it is said that on certain nights she is seen crossing the road at the point she died.  Is it true?  I have still to find a newspaper article or any form of record of the death or accident as well as to see the supposed apparition itself.  So there it is…that’s all I know.  If anyone else has any information to add to this, please let us know so we can include it here as a permanent record of the event.  Or if any of you have seen this apparition or have evidence of it, please allow us to see it.  We’d like to share this information with everyone.  Otherwise…at least there are catfish in those waters…seriously!  I’ve seen them!

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